V12 Automotive Art Volume One

This one is on behalf of a good friend of CARCULTURE.TV and DF MEDIA. Bill Pack is an award-winning photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a lifelong love of automotive design. Car enthusiasts and collectors around the world know Pack’s images for their elegant feel, strong graphic lines and ability to capture the unique behavior of light as it moves across a car’s form.
This is the inaugural collection of Bill Pack’s car images, that has been curated into a coffee table book to share with all those who love design, cars and the art of photography.
The book has been designed to showcase the rich, black high-contrast images through the use of the 12”x12” square format that lends itself to wide dramatic images as they expand across the spread. The full-page crops accentuate each image’s beauty, emotion, and detail.
The pagination flow of single and double page images has been intentional to maintain the reader’s interest while exploring the book. Bare white pages are used as a visual respite from the various spread images and also to highlight single-page images. White borders are interspersed in the layout to add a luxurious feel and more visual variety.
The book itself is a work of art. Designed by Lionel Ferreira of Ferreira Design Company. It is something you want to hold for the tactile experience which enhances the viewing pleasure.
Bill has a Kickstarter campaign going on here: https://kck.st/2MQBLpq
He self funded the book and it is at the press, it will arrive mid November.