Techno Classica 2018 – Peter M. Larson on his new Book “The Kellner Affair”

Jacques Kellner was one of the greatest coach builders before the second World War. He was also in the French resistance but ultimately denounced. What followed was torture and execution by the occupying Nazis forces. The accomplished automotive author Peter M. Larsen just released his new book that unravels the entire story. In his research he made some incredible discoveries that is dramatically changing the way how we now have to look at Kellner’s history. Automotive expert Ed Fallon caught up with Larsen at the 2018’s Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, to talk with him about his new three-volume book that weaves together a story of leading automotive car designers and influencers of the prewar years with incredible international political intrigue.

From the Publisher Dalton Watson Fine Books:
“The Kellner Affair tells the fascinating story of some of the most influential people in the French luxury car business before the War and how they came together and fought bravely against the Nazi occupation force in Paris. It tells how they formed a resistance group and gathered intelligence ̶ how they were betrayed by double agents, and how they were executed in 1942.
These people included the famous coachbuilder Jacques Kellner, the designer Georges Paulin, and Walter Sleator, the director of Rolls-Royce France, who survived. The book goes deeply into their talent, their work, their lives, their cars, their loved ones and relies on newly discovered archive material as well as private documents that have never previously been published.”