Rick Dore’s “Shangri La” Roadster

Rick Dore’s automotive creation are different from all the other.

His background in customizing Detroit iron from the ‘30s ‘40s and ‘50s for many years led him to a very specific style that according to his website was not “building cookie cutter lead-sleds or outlandish obscure designs, no the cars that drove Rick in to the hall of fame [and earned him many design awards] did so by the simplicity of elegant line kissed with raw urban attitude that Rick carried with him from New York”
However, eventually Rick was not satisfied any longer with redesigning existing platforms. Traveling to Paris and visiting the Retro Mobile (where he met Ed Fallon for the first time) he got hugely inspired by the famous French prewar coachbuilders like Figoni et Falaschi and Jacques Sauchick.
“Rick realized he needed a blank canvas to let his ideas flow” and from there on he started to design incredible one-offs that combine the gorgeous curves of the French prewar cars with some American Hot-Rod attitude on custom build platforms.
During Monterey week Rick showed his latest addition, the beautiful flowing “Shangri La” Roadster.
What sets Rick’s work apart (other then the very unique design) is incredible craftsmanship, where cars a finished in aluminum and all chrome-plated accents are made from brass. Unique, bespoke and totally custom build motorcars that run on late model reliable running gear.