Portia and Lilly Pray on passing on Car Culture to the next Generation

Bringing car culture to a younger generation is more about exposure than anything else. Today’s youth are fortunate enough to see all sorts of cars over the internet, but when it comes to experiencing the sights and sounds of vintage and collector cars, too many kids today lack the vital real-life experience that has brought so many to appreciate the world of car culture.

Lilly Pray is no stranger to classic car exposure. Her father, the legendary Malcolm Pray, was an inspirational source of automotive knowledge to all who knew him. His expertise and appreciation for the automobile was so deep that he founded the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, which focuses on educating people about Malcolm’s world-class automobile collection and the entrepreneurial story he brought to the industry.

Lilly, who currently serves on the board of The Pray Family Foundation, is dedicated to winning over today’s younger generation through the Achievement Center’s educational programs. And she leads by example with her informative efforts, recruiting her daughter, Portia, to carry on her family’s automotive tradition as well.

Portia’s genuine interest in vintage automobiles, and her willingness to showcase her own auto-inspired energy, will have a profound impact on the future of car culture. Thank you, Lilly, and Portia, your efforts to preserve car culture for future generations should be celebrated and emulated all around the country. Check out Car Culture TV’s interview with the pair at this year’s Greenwich Concours here: