Philip Richter, Founder and CEO of Turtle Garage on Car Culture

“It’s really important that we get the younger generation engaged in the hobby. Let’s face it, cars are part of America’s culture. There’s very few industrial activities in the history of mankind that evokes as much passion as the automobile. When you go to look to teach people about automobiles and the automotive industry, there’s just no shortage of incredible material and people who have impacted the world.”

The Piston Foundation would like to recognize Philip Richter, Founder and CEO of Turtle Garage , for his work promoting car culture to younger generations. Philip, who began riding and tinkering with his Honda 50 Motorcycle at the age of seven, knows from experience how one’s lifelong passions are shaped by the culture and environment in which you grow up.

“These things that were iconic when I was a young boy growing up. [It’s] what I love. We all have different stories.”

Car guys in the United States are spoiled, surrounded by a diverse array of gearheads and grease monkeys. But what happens when the culture shifts away from the automobile? And role models, people in their 20’s and 30’s who once inspired the generations in their wake to purchase a car of their own, instead turn to alternative modes of transportation.

“I think it’s fascinating what’s emerging here, because you have ride-hailing, electrification of vehicles, autonomous driving, and no one knows what the outcome is. We also have a change in demographics, which is really impacting the collector car world and all of the passion that comes with it.”

Philip buys cars and motorcycles that have stories to tell, not simply the fastest and most powerful models available. He treats them like the storied pieces of art they truly are, and encourages others to take the time to appreciate what makes a certain vehicle so special, focusing on the humanity and culture involved, not just the technology. Thank you, Philip, your example and expertise are invaluable to a car world in need of a passionate, young group of enthusiasts.