Matthew Ivanhoe on Car Culture and how to engage Young People into the Automotive Passion

The Piston Foundation would like to salute Mr. Matthew Ivanhoe for his efforts to provide both automobile collectors and aspiring collectors a resource with superior knowledge, integrity, service, an unyielding commitment to quality, and a genuine passion for the story behind each vehicle.

Mr. Ivanhoe’s New Canaan, CT-based company, The Cultivated Collector (, aims to do more than profit off of its patrons; their mission is to bring the enthusiast culture to everyone who would enjoy it, young or old, allowing people of all income types–who aspire to own one of these cars–a place to appreciate real-life examples of automotive history.

“We are really passionate car enthusiasts, and we want to share it with others,” said Mr. Ivanhoe.

The Foundation fully supports him in his initiative to educate the youth about car culture and the automotive history that defines it. Via: New Canaan News

Watch this short interview from the 2018 Greenwich Concours D’elegance, where Matthew shares his views on car culture and what to do to engage young people in the automotive passion.

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