Jim Glickenhaus explains how the SCG003S came into being and what the future of his car company holds.

The Piston Foundation would like to salute Jim Glickenhaus, film producer, financer, director, and automotive collector & entrepreneur, for his invaluable work preserving and promoting car culture.

Growing up in New Rochelle, NY, Jim’s passion for automobiles burgeoned from a keen mechanical mind and a friendly local Ferrari dealership, which he would ride his bicycle to on the weekends just to check out the inventory.

Jim eventually went on to direct the 1980 action movie, “The Exterminator,” and the film’s success afforded Jim the financial freedom to start collecting cars. And after buying (but not selling) several different racecars, Jim decided to build one of his own.

“I want[ed] to make a car that looks like the Ferrari P4/5 but is a race-legal car.”

Jim’s racing endeavor started out smoothly, but when Ferrari told him he couldn’t use their iconic prancing horse logo on his new racecar, Jim decided to take matters into his own hands, creating the logo for what would soon become New York’s lone auto manufacturer, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus.

SCG was born from racing, but their cars are designed to drive on the road without all the hassle that comes with piloting other professionally designed racecars. Jim’s success in producing arguably the most race-ready road car (or road-ready racecar) is a legendary achievement, and should be celebrated the car world over as proof positive that an enthusiast with a dream can do whatever he or she wants.

Thank you, Jim, for bringing the spirit of racing to both the road outside and the road ahead, inspiring countless enthusiasts to follow in your footsteps.

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