DRIVE-IN CHATS – Conversations for a Cause – eps 9

Bob Mitchell and his 1991 Honda Beat

Text by Jeff Ehoodin

Upon seeing a car for the first time, Soichiro Honda recalled “… when it had driven past me, without even thinking why, I found myself chasing it down the road as far as I could run.” It’s nearly impossible to find an image of a non-smiling Mr. Honda. A first tier Icon of both the Auto and Motorcycle industries, this quote demonstrates ‘the bug’ that bites those with a love of mechanical things.

This last episode of DRIVE IN CHATS is told with an enthusiasm, reminiscent of Mr. Honda. Bob Mitchell, the owner of this 1991 Honda Beat tells of his own ‘bug bite moment’ from his youth and the ways in which he has brought smiles to many faces through the passion for the automobile.
Classified as a Kei car, a class of diminutive vehicles produced for the Japanese market, they are cheaper to own, and easier to park in the narrow confines of their home roads. Its engine is a 656cc three cylinder that is smaller than many motorcycles. A finely engineered gem producing its revs quickly to maximizes every hair of its nearly 70 horsepower. The name Beat itself is in reference to the massive, 12 speaker sound system, it came equipped with.

The Honda Beat was the last automobile developed and introduced under Soichiro Honda’s eye. Like the F40 produced under Enzo Ferrari’s watch, the Honda Beat is an ideal representative of its eponymous creator, and a wonderful coda for the first DRIVE-IN CHAT series.
About this series:

Directed and produced by Alexander Davidis and inspired to capture a car collectors’ affection for their most special vehicles, the DRIVE-IN CHATS philosophy was created by Jeff Ehoodin as a fundraising tool supporting non-profit Drive Toward a Cure, with a 9-part series of video vignettes of individual car love stories.

In 2020, Deb Pollack, founder of Drive Toward a Cure, sought to continue supporting various regional Parkinson Foundation Centers of Excellence throughout the country as part of her Foundation’s Access to Care program. Prior localized events all included physical drives, but limitations later set by COVID-19 gathering restrictions and winter weather challenges allowed for DRIVE-IN CHATS in the Northeast to become a reality over this past Thanksgiving Weekend.

The event brought together car collectors who had grown hungry to share their beautiful and historically significant vehicles in a safe setting. The fundraising effort exceeded initial monetary goals – with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Division of Movement Disorders at Columbia University (NY), a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence, and one of seven Centers supported by Drive Toward a Cure.
Enjoy the clip, and please help us continue to raise funds for Parkinson’s Disease, right here on our dedicated donation site: