Century of the Car

This is the introduction to a new web-series created by www.carculture.tv.

The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Pennsylvania is an institution dedicated to preserving America’s automotive heritage through its commitment to craftsmanship, education, and good stewardship. 

Created by Nicola Bulgari, curated by Keith Flickinger and the restoration process managed by Kris Flickinger, The NB Center saves, preserves and restores many of the “every-day-cars” that put America on wheels from the early 1920s to the late 1950s. 

A lot of those marques no longer exist and have mostly been forgotten. Other brands that built cars in great numbers still exist but many of these models have all but disappeared. Because these vehicles were so available, they were not deemed valuable at the time. 

Among its many endeavors, The NB Center works to emphasize the historical and societal relevance of these vehicles through its active partnerships with schools of all levels.

By preserving for posterity the cars that changed the lives of millions of Americans over generations, the NB Center does an immeasurable service for the socio-cultural heritage of the United States.

We look forward to delving further into the projects of The NB Center, in future episodes of this exclusive web-series. Watch this space!