Aston Martin Virage – Icon of Understatement

The film that caused the prices for Aston Martin Virages to go up. 
DF MEDIA ( is the production company behind CarCultur.TV.
One can see that we love what we do.

Many people don’t like the Virage, thinking it is unattractive. We don’t understand why. To our cameras it looks good from every angle. Especially with all the modern Astons looking the same these days. 
This was a fun shoot with a car that, here in the States, nobody even recognizes. From the 360 built only 50 are over here. We think it just oozes coolness. And the wall of appreciation that the car is getting from bystanders is amazing….
It could have to do with the fact that this is one of the last truly hand-built cars. Every screw and bolt has been touch by a passionate craftsman, every panel has been beaten into shape by the hands of a skilled artisan. It’s as if the consciousness of the men who put this car together entered the machine and if you are near it you can feel that. Not unlike how Japanese sword-smith could bestow certain character qualities on samurai swords by mentally forging them into it as they were beating the blades to perfection. 
The Virage is the last carrier of the true magic of hand-built Aston Martins. And this particular one, with it’s stainless-steel straight-through pipes is also the last one that sounds like it.