Andy Reid’s Inspiring Attitude Towards Young Car Enthusiasts.

“Physical touchstone to another era.”

Andy Reid, the Classic Car Insurance Guru and East Coast Editor and Auction Analyst at is a well-respected automotive concours judge, having served nationally at premier events. Andy has owned over 200 vintage cars “none of them normal or reasonable”.

Andy share with us that the best way to get young people into the auto hobby is to put them behind the wheel of a cool car. As a lifelong enthusiast, Andy’s passion for automobiles blossomed from a serendipitous ride along in his uncle’s Jaguar E-type. After hitting 100 MPH on the highway, Andy was hooked.

Exposing kids to rare or uncommon rides may be just the spark they need to start a lifelong passion for older vehicles. The fact that young people see these cars on TV, the internet, or even in museums is useful for spreading interest in the hobby, but there’s nothing like the touch and feel of an engine revving through a steering wheel to bolster your love for ClassicCars.

“The key to the hobby, in the future, is that cars need to be usable.”

The Piston Foundation agrees with Andy that classic & cool car exposure is crucial to bringing a younger generation into the hobby, and fully supports anyone willing to help the industry build, maintain, or distributes both classic cars and the parts they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Check out CarCultureTV’s interview with Andy here:

Also, lucky enough to catch Monterey Car Week August 22nd to 23rd? Andy will be there giving free tours at Bonham’s RM Sotheby’s on behalf of ClassicCars.com